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Welcome to Design Nip!

Hello! Ari with Silver Cat Design here. Welcome to my blog. I am entitling it Design Nip (a little bit of catnip, if you will) -- a snippet, a little treat, a quick glimpse into my world of design and art. I am excited to speak on the issues and occurrences revolving around my niche in the world of senior living. I am passionate about what I do for the often neglected population of mature adults. I not only hope to highlight the importance of design work within the senior living field, but shatter preconceived notions about it. The glassy stares and "hmm oh neat....." I get from people when I tell them, "I place art programs for senior living communities", says it all. Grandma's house. That's what people imagine when I say 'senior living communities'. "Old folk's homes". "Nursing homes". Most people have no idea what these communities have evolved into!

In this blog, I plan to touch on everything from senior living to contemporary art to current issues. Color theory. Framing. Original art versus prints. Expect A LOT of personal opinion. And likely quite a bit of peering into my personal life [hello, it has been taken over by a 6 month old baby! You'll be hearing about my trials and tribulations].

Be seeing you soon!


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