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Silver Cat is an art consultation and interior decor company based out of Denver, Colorado, specializing in Senior Living, Hospitality, and Corporate design. We provide a collaborative and hands-on experience with you, the client, during the art selection process.


We create your art package by establishing the best locations for your artwork, selecting art unique to your project, and providing beautiful framing. Your art consultant is always present during the installation of your art package, acting as director of quality control. Silver Cat Design is with you from start to finish, making the art selection process easy and enjoyable for you. 

Focusing on the therapeutic aspect of art helps us to choose an appropriate collection for your business, whether it be contemporary and fun, or relies on creating comforting imagery to support senior living environments. We work in a wide variety of styles, while always focusing on accomplishing a sophisticated and tastefully updated appearance. 


Silver Cat is committed to sharing with the world the life-enriching qualities of art. Let us help you to breathe new life into your community with an expertly selected collection of art that speaks to you.

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Ari Shapiro
Principal & Founder
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Founder Ari Shapiro has a grassroots passion for art and design. What began as an early talent for drawing and painting manifested into a dream career. She attended San Francisco Art Institute, and graduated from University of Colorado Denver with a Bachelor of Fine Art. First gaining traction in the arts by working at Contemporary Art gallery RedLine of Denver, she was intrigued by the curation process and opportunity to work side-by-side with artists. During an immersion experience shadowing a Boulder based interior designer, Shapiro swiftly fell in love with the world of interior design. Silver Cat was born soon there after. Founded in 2015, she has since had the good fortune to work with some of the country's most talented designers and business developers.

A note from the Founder

The only thing I care about more deeply than art, is people. My role as an art consultant goes miles deeper than "decorating". When I choose artwork for your community, I'm not just thinking about the walls or how a painting will match some throw pillows. I'm thinking about your people. Your senior residents, your multi-family tenants, your employees who grace the hallways of a building day in and day out. See, art isn't just there to take up space. Art is deeply impactful on a conscious and subconscious level. Art creates dialogue - Art creates wonder - Art creates bonding and ownership to one's home.  

I, as your art consultant, put immense thought and care into the artwork I choose for your people. Yes, I want the artwork to be beautiful and match the throw pillows! But I also want the artwork I choose for your space to provoke a feeling -I want you to feel it in your gut, in your heart- I want you to be able to pass the same painting everyday and pick out something new about it each time. Art can be so much more. And that's what I can offer you with my services. More. Bigger. Better. BETTER ART.

-Ari Shapiro

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